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Power Magic Services

Scope Of OF Services To Be Offered :

We can offer the following service on high voltage / medium voltage / low voltage cabling installation works all in accordance to Tender Technical Specification, International/Local Authority Standards and Client / Consultants requirements :

1- Collection of maps in required scale from client and / or Authority with help and support of Main Contractors. Drafting of cable route approval corridors on maps as initial preliminary design. Submittal of preliminary design of approval corridors for collection of No Objection Certificates (NOC) to various departments of Authorities.

2- Survey of cable corridor and making its marking. Preparation and submittal of cable route workshop drawing for approval. Taking of soil sample for TR testing in approval laboratory and submission of test results.

3- Coordination between Manufacture and Client in all stages of approval procedure of cable circuits capacity calculations, manufactures drawing submission as well as all required technical clarifications.

4- Cable route pegging, identification of crossing or parallel services, excavation of trial pits, marking of trench excavation lines and installing of traffic warning tapes, signs, lights etc., in accordance to traffic police or other authorities required.

5- Excavation of cable trench, construction of road crossing (open cut, thrust or directional boring).Compaction of cable trench bed, taking of sample for testing of compaction degree in approval laboratory. Collection and submission of test result.

6- Optionally if applied: design, supervision of casting at works, supply to site of RCC trough with covers and their installation in prepared cable trench in accordance to Clients standard.

7- Selection of backfill sand (availability locally) having as sufficient as possible thermal characteristics, delivery to site (from approval Municipality location within concerned Emirates), and backfilling/compacting it.

8- Cables transportation from main contractor store to site, including loading at store and offloading at site, laying of 133 kv ,33kv,pilot and/of FO cables, dressing, trefoiling, delivery and installation of warning tapes or concrete protection tiles(where required).

9- For 132kV cables jointing works: preparation of joint bays for specialized jointers works including installation of air-conditioned jointing chamber at site complete with electricity supply (in accordance to cable manufactures jointers requirements),provision of two skilled cable jointers. For 33kV, 11 kV or LV jointing works joint bay location will be per current standards and practice.

10- Performing of cable outer sheath integrity test as per standards and requirements.

11- Backfilling of cable trench as per standards, reinstatement of soil, asphalt or interlock tiles surface. Bentonite filling of installation duct on road crossing. Dumping of surplus material to Municipality approved location.